Dec. 23, 2009

If you are just tuning in, you may have not seen my earlier posts. Well, believe me, I tried to include them here, but the cosmos just wouldn’t have it, and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the content here. But anyway, this is a NEW and hopefully improved format for me, it’s what I’ll be blogging on from now on. I’m actually taking a course in blogging and am putting lots of the ideas I’m learning to good use.

Bascially, I’m a crafter, a soapmaker by trade, and that’s what this blog is about. I am also a farmer on a very teeny tiny scale. I practice subsistance type methods. Our livestock consists of registered Alpine dairy goats, a few chickens, and horses. The horses get a free ride, but everything else has to pay for itself! I have plenty of leftover milk at the end of the day for my herd share owners, (except at this moment, we’re prettty much dry around here), for cheesemaking, for animal feeding, personal use and more. I discovered using goats milk for making soap and never looked back! I found a wonderful outlet that lets me combine my love of goats, of goats milk, of nature, herbs, essential oils, fragrance and chemistry. Every soap created is a new work of art. Believe me, I had LOADS of failures in the beginning of this endevor and still have boxes of soap stashed in the back room waiting to be made into lovely laundry suds. (I waste nothing).

In this blog, along the way, you will get to see into my studio, you’ll see soap being made, and some secrets for making goats milk soap that you won’t find in the books. You’ll see colors being swirled, molds being unmolded, and soaps on the curing racks. You’ll also be front row to my trials and tribulations with goats milk lotions and creams, and my experiments with shea butter and other exotic butters and creams. I’ve also been working on perfecting my massage oils and a special ointment for horse hooves.

You’ll also join my fiance’ and I, well, mostly it will be “I” as I don’t want to put him on the spot..he does work out in the “real” world after all, as we gear up to move this farm from my leased property to a tiny farm we bought together. I’m so excited! You’ll see pictures of our goat family, our goats kidding…yes, I DO take birthing pictures…be forwarned!

You’ll also get to keep up with an off the track racehorse that I adopted and am rehabilitating. Hopefully soon you should see some categories off to the side for my “off topic” posts, and the horse post will be under “Caritas”.

Until next time! Great bubbles to you!


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