Staging a new soap line, “Colores”

Most of my soaps are made with as many “natural” ingredients as possible and minimal packaging, while still creating a great bar of soap, full of natural glycerine, food-grade vegetable oils, pure essential oils, herbs, flower petals, etc. Well, not to say that isn’t all well and good..but, I’ve been looking for a way to brighten up my craft and market tables and my design line, and “color” is the way I want to go. I plan to add ultra marines, mica’s and food-grade colors to several of my core products for a whole new look. Recently, I did a soap swap with my friends over at DGI ( ) The theme was color and we were to use at least three different colors in our design. I got some absolutely beautiful soaps in the mail and I was SO impressed. I’ve used them all and none have made me break out, or harmed my skin in any way and they look soooo beautiful sitting in my shower on the soap rack. Not to mention how lovely they smell of course, or feel…they are ALL goats milks soaps of course. So, anyway, my first soap will be “Love Spell” as I am down to just two bars. I plan to make it pink with a white swirl. Look for it on Christmas day!

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