Holiday Mud with Cheers

When I lived in the city, I didn’t really notice it that much, well, except when the dogs would go outside and come back in covered with it. Right now it has become a way of life that I’d rather do without! It’s nearly up to my knees in places, important places, like right in front of the barn door where I have to push the wheelbarrow full of hay through. The horses are sliding around as if just learning to ice skate. The goats are positively certain that they should not have to walk through it…no matter what. The chickens don’t seem to mind it in the least, and the dogs tolerate it as long as it’s not raining. (Heaven forbid they have to go out in the rain).

The bright part of it is….well, I’m trying to find the bright part of it….hmmm…still thinking…oh YEAH! The bright part about it is that this year, I don’t have to slosh through the mud alone! I have help. Wonderful help! You know, sloshing through the mud with someone you really like isn’t nearly as bad as sloshing through the mud alone, feeling sorry for yourself. And even better, me and my slosh partner can talk and plan and dream together of the new, mudless house, barn, and pastures we are working on! Sometimes it’s hard to know just what you want until you have something that really doesn’t work, that isn’t practical, or is just plain crazy. It’s also hard to appreciate those good things in life that we have if we didn’t have a period of time where those things were missing. We all know people who had everything handed to them on a silver plater, whose single thoughts manifested into that beautiful home, that fancy garage or barn, the seemingly perfect wife or husband, the push-button horse, etc. I feel sorry for those people because many of them will never feel the deep appreciation that I do for even the smallest improvements, like snow that’s gone from the porch that I didn’t have to shovel, hay that didn’t get rained on because I had help covering it, dog houses that are now wind and rain proof, situated in such a way, right near the back porch, that the dogs actually like USING them. It’s the small things that really make our life worth living, and I wish you all a day filled with small improvements and happy moments and the ability to truly appreciate them.

Great bubbles to you all!


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