Colorful New Soaps

Last night I decided to try a couple batches of soap using a few of my new colorants.  I used Peacock colors, mica’s and a clay.  The peacock colors took more than just the few drops I’d heard I’d need to use.  The mica’s colored true and some even added a little glitter to the soap, although you can’t see it in the pictures.  The first soap is an essential oil soap using lime, orange, lavender, peppermint and litsea.  It has an orange bottom and a purple top.  The second soap is “Winter Candy Apple”, which is a lovely fragranced oil.  I went for a red base and a green top with a little bit of swirl.  The soap is pretty enough to eat and both will be listed in my shop ASAP although won’t ship for about 2 weeks due to cure time.  I only made 8 of each, so get them while you can!

4 thoughts on “Colorful New Soaps

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  1. The soaps are beautiful. I suggest “Lavender Sunrise” for a name for the purple one.

    Maybe I’ll learn to make soap sometime, too.

    Mikey definitely is bigger than she was the day before freshening last year, and still has nearly a month to go! Wow!


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