We’ve got FIRE!

We had to wait a day before starting a series of small fires in the new stove. This was so the sealant that was used during installation could cure. So yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours starting a series of small fires and then letting them go out. This was to cure the stove itself and prevent the stone from cracking. Well, of course we didn’t hear anything about cracking stones until AFTER we bought the stove and had it installed!  I’m not a good fire builder although we did watch countless YouTube videos showing old guys building roaring fires that were quite interesting. I ended up smoking up the whole house and making myself smell like a burnt piece of charcoal, but, I got the job done, and while the fires were burning I also got some much-needed cleaning and spider killing done. The house never did get warm, so I could only do so much with frozen fingers and toes and limited lighting. At least the temps are warmer today.

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