How to make soap….sort of

Sometimes the best of intentions don’t always turn out as well as planned, which is pretty much what happened yesterday when I tried to create a picture tutorial of soap making just for my blog readers. I discovered that I have a harder time than I thought doing more than one thing at a time, and making soap is one of those things, while certainly not technically difficult, demands complete focus for the brief time it takes to make it. Anyway, the pictures turned out, unfortunately however, the soap did not. The mistake I made was adding the lye/milk mixture to the pot of melted oils…which were still sitting on the fairly hot burner, at which time while I was trying to get pictures, I discovered that my memory card was full, so I had to change it and my hands were oily, so I had to wash them first…meanwhile the lye/milk mixture is sitting on the bottom of the pan turning GREEN! This was to be a swirl, but it set up in the pan and then wouldn’t take the colors, hence a really ugly, manly smelling, layered soap.

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    1. Sharon, I accidentally did not save the captions this morning when I uploaded the photos. I’ve since gone in and added them back. The lye/milk solution is where you add the lye to the milk. The lye heats up on contact with liquid and melts the milk cubes, which I then add to my melted oils, and blend until emulsified. The black sandalwood fragrance is a difficult one to work with and one that I don’t really care for. It causes the soap to sieze quickly and probably not the right fragrance to use with a soap I wanted to swirl. I’ll try to remember that next time, plus not leave it on the burner!


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