A gutter soap gone bad

Well, I really wanted this to work, but since my engineering skills are just about zero, it was destined to fail from the beginning. I took a length of gutter, duct taped the ends with fashionable pink duct tape, carefully ironed the wrinkles out of my liner paper, got the gutter lined, poured a nice bottom layer, added cubes of another soap, then another layer of the bottom layer, and then my nice purple top layer. It all barely fit into the mold as I forgot to factor in the soap cubes I added. I made a lovely swirl on the top, popped the whole thing in the oven to ensure a cure and to keep ash from forming on the top. Two hours later I pulled it out of the oven (just a warm oven, no continuous heat). The sides of my gutter mold had opened up, making the soap MUCH wider than it should have been. Not only that, I added the same amount of essential oils I would add to my bigger kelsie mold batch…which meant it did not all saponify and left little oily puddles on top of my soap! Grrrrrrr. The oils can be removed with paper towels, most of it has actually gone back into the soap this morning.

The worst/best part about the soap is that it smells so darn good! It is a lovely blend of 5Xorange and lavender. It’s heavenly. I’ll see what the bars look like when I cut them. I’ve been wanting to make various shapes for my valentines soap and lotion gift baskets, maybe this will work after all. It’s lovely, just not symmetrical.


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