Our house is almost a home.

A nice warm fire sure does make a house seem more like a home, and that’s what we had all day for the first time in our home. The home with containers of frozen water sitting all around. Water we were supposed to be using to clean with, since we had no working pump to pump our well water. Everything has been frozen solid for almost 2 weeks now. I guess frozen mud is better than wet mud.

I guess.

We also have electricity to the house. I can see the little red light on inside the meter box. We didn’t turn on the main breaker yet. We still have live wires lying around that need to be capped.

I didn’t want to cut the power on.

He did.

I wanted an electrition there to turn the knob and be the one to get electrocuted if there was any electrocuting to be gotten.

Not my guy.

I didn’t insist he didn’t do it.

But he didn’t do it.


It might not be obvious, but I’m scared of electricity. Oh, it is obvious isn’t it?

I wish I could live by candlelight and daydreams all my life. It would be inconvient though. Very.

I’d get tired of heating up the bathwater, and washing clothes in the water trough and, thawing ice to brush my teeth with. And there would be no electric blanket.

No electric blanket!

We got a nice big goat pasture fence up though. That was quite an accomplishment. Took about an hour. It’s one of those electric net fences from Premier fencing that are supposed to take about 5 minutes to put up. We seem to have a graveyard or something in part of the area we wanted to fence in. Not even a drill could drill a hole through whatever lies beneath the surface. We bent three of the posts, and then I got the great idea to pound spikes in the ground and break through the caskets.  Well, the spikes bent, and we were out of options.  Thank goodness, because my face was frozen.

Probably have to move the fence line back or forward several feet. Not a big deal. Unless you’re freezing, and I was. I just wanted to go home and not finish working on the fence. But we got it animal-containable. And that says a lot.

I think I also found a puppy. He was born on Christmas day,  after Katana died.  Maybe he IS Katana. He’ll be ready mid Feb. A lovely Valentine. A new Katana.

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    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I’m going to look at the puppies tomarrow. They are up near Palmyra, but I have some horses to trim in Columbia so will stop on my way. The puppies were born on Christmas day, and will be ready in March. Their names are Lori and Dave Critzer and Dave’s number is 434-981-5174. The puppies are $200 and I have some pictures I’ll send you that you can pass along.


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