Where did all the milk go???

I keep wondering that every day.  At the height of our milking season last spring/summer, milking four goats gave us 6 gallons or more of milk per day.  Now I get a scant quart.  And that’s dropping rapidly.

I’m only milking one goat.  And she’s bred so she’s working on drying herself up too.

I got some new cheese  cultures.  I’ve used them and they are GREAT and I want to experiment some more.  But, no milk.  I drink a half  gallon of raw goat milk every day.  Well, usually.  Sometimes I share some of that with dinner, and the cat.  But I do drink a lot of it!  My cholesterol count is GREAT!  My doctor congratulated me on it.  I didn’t tell him I drink a half gallon of whole, raw goats milk every day and eat a dozen free range chicken eggs every week.

He probably would have made me take the test again.

Right now my system is in shock.  My hens have either quit laying or are hiding their eggs.  In either case, I can’t find them.  I had to buy them from the store.  I said I wasn’t going to do that.  The yolks look like pale yellow water.  Yuk.

I had to hide them in my food.

I had a hard time eating that food.

How do people do it? Knowing the eggs came out of really grungy looking chickens living four to a cage no bigger than a sheet of typing paper?

I like my yolks orange.  Like the sun.  Like little orange sun’s in a shell.  Pretty.

And I like my milk creamy and sweet.  I like it when the cream separates to the top.  I don’t shake it up.  I pour it in my coffee or my glass just like that.  And there is no such thing as skim milk when you pour the cream off.  There is always more cream.  Goats milk is like that. It’s maddening if you want to make butter or ice cream, but for drinking or using fresh, it’s heavenly.


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