Vegan Soap and another “Darn It” moment

I made a “vegan friendly” soap today. It’s still a milk soap, using the milk of a coconut instead of goats milk.

Actually, I used a can of “coconut cream.” It was full of sugar. My lye didn’t like it so well, even though I froze it into cubes. I had to dump the lye/coconut cream mixture into my oils really fast, even before all the cubes melted because the lye was just slightly starting to burn the sugar. I could tell this wasn’t going to be pretty if I didn’t dump it quick.

So I did. And all was well.

Well, not exactly well. Since I was not able to stir the lye/milk mixture together long enough, the lye did not dissolve quite all the way and now I have tiny crystals of lye on my soap. It’s happened before. It will happen again. Doesn’t hurt a thing. Just looks disgusting.

Like lye pimples.

"heart shaped soap gone wrong"
Aren't they just awful?

Yesterday was better. I had a bit of farm-related excitement. I was coming into the house and turned just slightly as I was coming through the door, trying to knock the chicken poop off my shoes,  and saw what appeared to be a giant squirrel loping across the road just one farm up from us. I realized that it was probably not a giant squirrel, but more likely a fox. In any case, whatever it was continued it’s elopement into the woods and out of sight.

I forgot about it.

I forgot about it until about 20 minutes later when I heard my dogs in the backyard barking. They bark at their own farts, and other such stupidness, and I figured this time was no different, but I looked out the back window anyway, out of some dumb habit, like they might actually be barking at something real.   Low and behold, there was the giant squirrel standing right in my pasture!

Only I was right, it wasnt’ a squirrel. It was a fox and it was the most beautiful shade of burgandy-red I have ever seen. He stopped in the pasture, noting, I’m sure, that all the chickens were out of sight.  The fellow seemed to have  no interest in the goats. I grabbed my camera and fumbled with it. What an awesome picture I was going to get!

I sneaked out of the house, tossing the camera case on the deck  (which later took me more than an hour to find), and quietly crept around the back of the house.   I slowly  opened the pasture gate, no clanking the chain or any such nonsense either.

I tiptoed around the barn. The dogs had quit barking. I aimed my camera for that perfect shot. And…..Big Red was gone! Just like that.

The goats were staring off down into the woods. Guess the thing was smarter than I gave him credit for. I did check the barn though, just in case he was hiding out in there, waiting for a chicken snack.

Nope, he was gone for real.   Another “darn it” moment.


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