Ahhh, looooook, aint he cute!

This is my new puppy! He’ll be old enough to come home on Feb. 15th. His name is ………………..um, he doesn’t have a name yet, but he sure is cute! He’s all white and the biggest puppy in the litter. I really like his little sister too. She is the badger faced girl in the blurry picture. I used the wrong setting on my camera. Figures.

"great pyreneese puppy"
Aint he just the cutest thing?
"Pyreneese puppy"
Here he is again, not liking it a bit!
"great pyreneese puppy"
This is the litle sister. She was sucking my finger. She's just sooo adorable.
"litter of great pyreneese puppies"
The whole BATCH! How do you pick just one?
"great pyreneese dam"
This is Mom. She's so very pretty.

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  1. Oh my gosh, how cute! We have a set of Great Pyrenees sisters that come into the clinic – I adored them as puppies. I’m trying to convince HB that we need to get a LGD of our own. Congratulations! and I’m sorry to hear about your last pup.


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