We’ve got eclectricity and TELEVISION!

I can hardly believe it. I went to the store to get CG a headache pill. On Friday our electrition is coming back to turn on the power to the house and check everything out. Well, while I was out, I decided to call home and see if he wanted anything to eat with the headache pill. He calmly told me he was turning on lights and such.


“They worked” he said, but the “space heater sizzled” when he turned it on.

Good lord.

By the time I got home the internet and phone guy had been there, and then a little while later the satellite tv guy came and hooked us up and we’ve got 200 channels!

CG didn’t want to leave. Luckily, we ran out of firewood for the stove or he’d probably still be there. Sitting on the floor. Watching 200 channels. How do you choose?

A guy and his TV. Not easily parted. We did watch part of a Drew Barrymore movie that was sort of good. But then he said we had to go back to work.

The chain had fallen off of the chainsaw and needed to be fixed.

We got that done.

We got all the old fence wire for one pasture down and started putting up the electric tape for the horses.

Then he got the chainsaw stuck in a cedar tree.

It took a while to get that out.

Well, hopefully we’ll get it all finished tomorrow.


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