Weekly Give Away Contest!

This week I am starting something new for my readers. It’ s a weekly give away of a product produced here on the farm. (Or off the farm, my choice). Most of the time it will be soap, but sometimes it might be a lotion, an essential oil, a plant, or a chicken (just kidding about the chicken).

Weekly winners will be chosen randomly by filling out a comment box for this contest, answering a specific question. In order to win you must have a way for me to contact you via the internet. I will also need a mailing address, but I can get that when I contact you as a winner.

This week, there is no question.  I couldn’t think of one.  I was not prepared.  There will be one next week though!

Why a contest to give away my products? Exposure of course! I’d love you to try my products, let your friends try them, talk about them, etc. It’s GOOD for my business, and might just make you happy too!

Every week it will be something new, so check back often and enter. One entry per contest please.

This week I’m giving away a set of two bars of my goats milk soaps. They are “Coconut Lime Verbena” and “AppleJack and Peel.” Each bar is approx 6 ounces…a nice big handful! You’ll also get a couple sample soaps in the box to pass out to your friends. If you like the soap, tell me what you like about it! If you don’t like the soap, tell me what you DON”T like about it!. I LOVE feedback!

So hurry up and send those comments and get entered today! This contest ends Jan. 24th, 2010.


"natural goats milk soap"
Soap Giveway...all ready and waiting for the winner!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Give Away Contest!

Add yours

  1. I’m guessing there’s no question to answer for this go around? If not, sign me up! I can always use more soap! 🙂

    By the way Anita, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your soaps that I have tried! 🙂


  2. Geez, that ribbon looks very familiar. 🙂 Jennifer

    I don’t need any soap though, but I will find someone to give it to. I like your new postings.

    Come see my COW!!!! I visited you now it’s your turn.


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