Egg Cache

I finally found EGGS! I’m beyond words. How exciting!

I’m easily entertained aren’t I?

Well, it’s a big deal here as I haven’t found an egg from our free roaming hens for about 3 months or so. Give or take.

I was pretty certain they were still laying them. Like maybe down in the woods. With Big Red, the fox,  slinking around, I haven’t felt much like going down into the woods looking for eggs.  I didn’t want fresh eggs quite THAT bad. Plus, I would have had to fight the electric fence and about a million briar bushes. Yep, I figured they were laying their eggs and  hiding them from me.

They are chickens you know. That’s what they do. They lay eggs. Even in the winter.

I’ve already got em in a pot boiling for deviled eggs tonight.

Hopefully there are not any baby chicks inside…I cooked one of those once. I wouldn’t want to try that again.

free range chicken eggs, colored chicken eggs
My hens tried to hide them....but I FOUND them!
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