One Small Change

Last night I came across a blog and an idea I’d like to share with my readers. It’s called “One Small Change.” This is basically where people, choosing to live greener, will focus on doing just one small thing in their lives, such as recycling, reusing, re-doing, composting, growing more of their own food, etc, with each of us making our own small contribution for a larger, positive effect on the whole world.

You can find the website and tons of other peoples inspirational stories and ideas over at Hip Mountain Mama’s website.

Bloggers out there are asked to share their “one small change” on our blogs, and talk about it frequently, and since I think it’s such a great idea, here I go.

On my farm, we are going to focus on less landfill impact, which means more recycling (harder to do if you live way out in the country), more compositing..(we already do lots of that, but want to heat our compost up and apply to the garden and pastures as non-chemical fertilizer), and saving electricity. Now, the saving electricity part came about from having $400-$500 dollar heating bills in the winter, so we’re monetarily motivated on this one too.

CG and I have decided that we will replace all our lightbulbs with those energy saving curly ones, which last much longer, reducing landfill, plus the old type are being outlawed, so we’ve heard!

We also bought a wood stove and although it may not save the world, we can use it to burn up all the junk, dead wood on our property, not putting it in the landfill, and allowing us to clean off more land for grazing our dairy goats…which are very low-impact animals on forested lands. (Yes, they do eat small trees, but they leave the big ones alone.)

And that is about all I want to commit to for now….after all, if I add one more thing it will no longer be “one small change” but “a whole lot of changes” and that’s not the idea, although one small idea often leads to bigger and better ideas down the road.

Let me know, and let Hip Mountain Mama know, what changes you’d like to make in the coming year. Post them here, but post them over there too!

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