Our Backyard Junkyard

Cg decided we needed to go looking through our woods to see if we could find something suitable to put over our pump house roof that had fewer holes than the roof has.

We knew there was a lot of junk in the woods.  With the trees bare of limbs, we could see piles of stuff everywhere.

So we went looking.

We found some junk.

And then there was some usefulish stuff.

"rubbish pile in the woods
After an afternoon rumaging around in the undergrowth, we got this pile of interesting stuff. I also got my head stuck in briars and CG had to cut me out. Took me the rest of the night to get all the thorny branches out of my hair.
There was this handy thing.
"old gas cans'
There were plenty of gas and kerosene cans.

Now, if any of this stuff looks valuable, somebody better speak up and let me know.

"old seed sower"
We found this handy seed sower. Too bad the bottom is rusted out.

And now, my friends, I must leave and go find a TV.  CG just called and told me they’ve got a madman holed up in the woods not far from here and he’s shooting everybody in sight!

Where’s my gun when I need it?

Oh, that’s right, I DON’T HAVE A GUN!

Good grief…I don’t have a gun..I don’t have a gun.  I don’t even have a decent dog anymore.  Crud, crud, crud.

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