Viral Invasion

No, it’s not the H1N1 or whatever the latest bug is running around.  I’m being invaded by a virus protection virus.  It won’t leave me alone.  Little boxes keep popping up all over the place and using up my bandwidth and driving me nuts.  I’m trying to get rid of it but nothing I’ve done so far seems to help.  It keeps popping up these boxes saying I need to update my spyware and virus software….all for just a hundred bucks or so.  And if I don’t give them the money, my machine will blow up.

Right here on my desk.

Little pieces will fly everywhere and I’ll be left holding the mouse.

I’ve been hijacked and kiddnapped and possibly computer napped.  They left a note on my printer saying I’m doomed if I don’t hand over the money, and then they reminded me again by popping up a big blue VIAGRA box and then another one that says  PLEASE DON’T CLICK THAT LINK!

If you do, you’ll be doomed too!

How many times do I have to hit the “NO” button that keeps popping up before it will leave me alone?

No means NO!  I think I learned that in the first grade or something.

I give up.

It’s raining.  I’m going to bed.

The big excitement with the mass murderer is mostly over, but Appomattox was still full of city cops, state cops, cops from other countries, cops from other planets, news people from all over.  It was crazy.  It’s all over the newspapers in the stands, people in the stores are giving their own versions of it. It’s just a horrible, horrible thing.

I drove down Snapps Mill road where all the action took place last night.  Got down there about two miles, to the now infamous “Snapps Mill Road House of Horror,” but it was blocked off.  Couldn’t get anywhere near it.

That’s okay, my computer is sick and I don’t think I could take anything any more disastrous than that right now.

So, it’s off for a nap.


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