pregnant dairy goat doe
Last week Mikey looked like this.

This morning, she had a little different look to her.

dairy goat
She had dropped and was showing signs of being uncomfortable for the first time during this pregnancy.

Then later on today…..out popped these little things.

alpine dairy goat kids
Two does. About an hour old. All fed, blow dried and ready to snuggle down for a nap.

And then there were these.

two apline dairy kids
The one on the left is the first doeling, the one on the right is a buck.

The litle buck almost died because he came out like this.

goat kid comes out backwards
These are HIND feet. That wasn't the problem though. I let Mikey take her time pushing him out. I didn't see any reason to hurry, only there was a BIG reason to hurry. Coming out hind feet first meant that his cord broke while still INSIDE his mother, depriving him of oxygen. He almost drowned! I did the goat-lick maneuver on him though as soon as I saw him in distress. Read more below.

The goat-lick maneuver consists of taking a goat kid by his hind legs and gently swinging him around until he starts gasping for air.  In this case I had to clean out his nostrils while I was swinging him, so it was a bit awkward, but it worked.  He’s already gluttoned down more than his fair share of colostrum and keeps stepping on his sisters, making them holler.

Everyone has had their selenium shots, their vit. e capsules, their navels have been dipped, their cords tied with CG’s dental floss and clipped, they’ve got their first colostrum, mom’s passed her placenta’s and now I’m ready for a nap!

Oh yeah, I have to go out and milk Mikey again.  Eww, that’s a twice a day thing now.  I have to get out of bed before sunup!  I was really enjoying my once a day milking and winter break.  Not anymore!

I gave Mikey 30cc’s of calcium gluconate as a precaution and she’ll be getting more over the next24 to 48 hours to help her keep her strength up from having such a load of kids!  Sometimes the mother’s don’t do so well after a big batch of kids like that.

An average sized kid weighs about 7 pounds.  These kids were all in the average range.  I was quite surprised as Mikey is a fairly small doe.  I expected much smaller kids.

The kids weighed 7. 5lbs (buck kid),  6.5lbs (first brown doeling), 7 pounds (black doeling) and the little black and white girl weighed 5 pounds.  I’m glad I never had FOUR kids at one time.  Wheww, I’m wiped out just birthing goat kids.

And now, my goat children are calling me again.


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