Post Virus Distress Disorder and Goat Happenings

At 8am this morning I sat down at my computer to post how happy I was that my computer is up and running after yesterday’s virus disaster. I worked on it all day yesterday and by the time the sun set, the computer was pretty much DOA, not that I had taken it anywhere….but I was really wanting to. I have a fairly deep pond out in the pasture….

It’s noon and I’m still not happy. Happier, yes. Jumping for joy? Not yet.

CG got home last night and went right to work on it. He has infinite patience, unlike myself. I just keep clicking and clicking and getting madder and madder at the thing. Luckily, he has a lot of patience with me too. I’d have thrown myself into the pond on more than one occasion if I were him.

Lucky for me, he’s got that patience thing going for him.

He went to college to study computers and was able to rescue my machine from me, and fix it back the way it was last Sunday….before I discovered a lot of cool new things online started gettin happy with it. (my anti-virus protection hadn’t been active since 2006…actually, I think I had done pretty well all things considered.)

But, I live in the country.ย  (Edited, Jan,24th.I’m not sure what my point is here, but I’m sure I’ll come to it shortly) Country folks get the shaft sometimes because #1, I think some people seem to think we’re less sophisticated than city folks, and #2, because we’re a minority group, our voice is small, and we just get the leftovers, what everybody doesn’t want, like satellite internet, for instance.

They make us use up half our grain allowance every month on overpriced internet service, so we can let our town customers know what we have in season right now. It’s a necessary part of doing business when our customers are all so scattered and everyone is so busy these days.

We have no choice. We either get satellite internet service, or dial up. I’m sorry, I can’t do dial up. I did that once, about 50 years ago. I think my ancestors invented it. Anyway, it’s like using an old rusty wheel on a nice new wheel barrow. Doesn’t get very far very fast.

And, satellite service isn’t always a lot better. Not if you’ve just watched a 2 minute video, anyway. Or just downloaded an AVG virus scanner, or a new copy of Mozilla Firefox.

Nope, we get the bandwith shaft out here and there aint no way around it but to pay, pay, pay. And I need my money for grain.

So, having used up all my bandwith, and reset the thing a couple of times, here I am, stuck again, trying to get invoices and orders out, a puppy paid for, my blog updated, etc. etc. And the computer is crawling like a snail. A really slow, possible drunken snail.

(change of subject)

And……………I have a goat that looks to be in labor this morning. I got a small stainless bucket sitting here on the computer, waiting for me to go outside and milk her before her labor gets too intense. She’s wandering aimlessly around now, tail all crooked, and kind of hunchy looking. We raise the kids on CAE prevention, which means we milk the colostrum out and pasteurize it at a low temp to kill any of the CAE virus that might be in the milk and be passed to the kids after birth.

All my does have tested negative for CAE, but people who are smarter than me say that raising them on prevention is still a good idea. It’s probably overkill if you’re negative, but sometimes the tests are wrong. CAE used to be a dire problem in dairy goats where the kids were fed back milk from CAE positive does, infecting everything on the farm. The milk is not harmful to humans, just to other goats. In fact, I read some place that there are farms that take in CAE positive does and use the milk for AIDS patients. Don’t know how it helps them, but I did hear that.

Anyway, we don’t have CAE and don’t want it, so I milk and pasteurize and bottle feed the babies. Actually, I don’t use a bottle, I use a nipple bucket which is filled 2-3 times a day. In the winter this works great as the kids are fed free-choice and get plenty to eat and grow like weeds. No one has ever bought a skinny kid from me!

Now, in the summer, this doesn’t work so well as the milk turns to a vomit-like consistency fairly fast in the heat. Kefir is added in this case, and works pretty well. It even gives the kids extra probiotics they can’t get from a jar.

Okay, I kind of got distracted here. Time to go check on mama goat (Mikey), and see how she is progressing. Luckily, I can see right out into the barn from my computer desk….but I can’t check ligaments from my chair, nor milk out colostrum.

So, off I go.



4 thoughts on “Post Virus Distress Disorder and Goat Happenings

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  1. You can always come to my house and use my network. At least we are not far apart if you want to hold off on the internet thing. You need a laptop though.

    How’s Mikey? It’s too cold and raw for babies. Tell her to hold off till tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jennifer


    1. I find I can write about things of which I have no knowledge fairly easily. Not that any of it would make any sense, but to others who have no idea what I’m talking about either, it might seem okay! Thanks for your nice comment.


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