The Little Ones Need Names

The kids are doing fine this morning.  Eating like crazy, walking around, running, playing, being silly.  The rain and cold weather just won’t quit though.  It’s quite discouraging, especially since I really want to be moving things to the new house.   I took this picture to cheer myself up from my rainy day mood.  Just a little sunshine would be so nice…and some warmer temps. to go with it!

newborn goat kids
These are the kids this morning. They're just the cutest little things.

I have not named a single one of these kids.  Please send me your suggestions.  The mother’s registered name (after the farm name)  is Michalangela and the daddy’s name is Atticus.  Whatever names I choose will have  my farm name at the front, plus the acronym I use for Atticus, so will look like this;

Shantara Acres ATC  Whatevernameichoose.

Mikey’s last kids got the following names:

Shantara Acres ATC Miley

Shantara Acres ATC Mahayleel

Miley’s kid was named:

Shantara Acres ATC Kat Man Doo.

So, if you have any ideas about names, send them my way.  I’ll be waiting!  Yes, I do HAVE to name the kids.  As the breeder, the kids will be listed under my farm name and the name I choose, but when they are sold, they will be transferred to their new owners names, but my information will still be on the registration.  Does that make any sense?  I didn’t think so.  But anyway,  I need some names.


2 thoughts on “The Little Ones Need Names

Add yours

  1. Name suggestions, and the reasons:

    Finch for the buck (after Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

    Gem (for the daughter in “TKaM”) brown doe

    Nikka for the black & white doe (after my doe, Nikka, and because the b&w is my favorite)

    and, how about Kat Miss Doe (after her older ‘brother)?


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