Mucus Plug Gone in Alicia

I went out tonight to milk Mikey, and brought raisins for everyone.  Alicia was kind of off to the side of the barnyard, but eagerly ate the raisins out of my hand.  Wow, I noticed she really has gotten big.  And she looked a little funny….kinda hunchy…so I checked her hind end.  No udder at all…but a big glop of white gloop was hanging down.  Hmmm, the mucus plug….oh, heck, that means MORE KIDS!  And I haven’t even got the first set out of the house yet.  (CG and I did work on a kid pen today in the shed.  It will be heated for a couple of days while they adjust, but we didn’t quite get it done.)

We were not planning to be here for kidding season.

But here we are.

And I am apparently not going to get much sleep tonight.

I just went out and checked Alicia again.  I could see her from inside the house.  She had been licking a salt block for like 15 minutes….maybe it wasn’t a salt block?

Well, it was just a salt block, and no more glop, but her tail ligaments are gone and she’s stretching like crazy.  Looks a little contracty.  My guess is early labor.  I should be getting good at this guessing thing.

I guess.

This is Alicia, my other favorite doe. She's miss elegance. I'm keeping all doe kids she ever has, forever. So don't even ask. You can't have them, they're mine, ALL MINE!

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