Wild Children

So much for sleepy kids! They wouldn’t even let us sleep in on a Saturday! I think they really wanted to watch Cartoons. Bummer, since we don’t have a TV!

alpine dairy goat kids
I can't believe it's true, NO CARTOONS!

Everybody else is drinking from the nipple bucket.  This one, however, insists on a bottle before bed, another in the morning, one at noon…..

bottle feeding a goat kid

dancing alpine kid
My camera is as slow as a slug, but by pushing the shutter button and holding it down for the 30 seconds it takes to take the picture, sometimes I can capture some action. Not very often though.

Reba thinks the goat kids are puppies and who am I to tell her any different?  This is a reformed mass chicken-murderer, so I don’t trust her 100 percent.  But what kind of killer cleans their victim thoroughly though before killing?  I almost trust her.

Border collie cleans up a goat kid
She's cleaning off a rump here. I had a better picture, but I couldn't find it.

And, here’s the star of the show….only because she is so different looking than the rest…and her mama is my favorite goat…and she’s just pretty.

black alpine doeling
This aint the greatest picture, but honestly, have you ever tried to take pictures of FOUR wild goat kids at a time....while also cleaning up their messes that they are constantly making. I swear I do not feed them as much as they pee out. Impossible. They couldn't eat that much.

I’m sorry, I forgot to edit out the background.  I went back and tried to do it.  Well, maybe next time.  Excuse the mess. All this stuff sits by the door in the winter time for wearing outside to do chores.  It looks much neater in the spring.


One thought on “Wild Children

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  1. That tan and white doeling is beautiful! I love them all in their furry cuteness. I can’t wait until mine kid in March. 🙂 They look spunky!!

    I’m trying to brainstorm some names!


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