Green Ears and Spam

alpine goat kid
Green Eared Monster #1
alpine doe kid
Green Eared Monsters #2 and #3

I think I finally found out what caused my computer spam virus meltdown last week.  It was these three GREEN EARED MONSTERS!  Their brother was most likely in on it too, but he left for a new home today with a cute family with FOUR kids…and they home school, and they were really, really nice.

They named him Chevy Silverado.  Isn’t that just the cutest name for a little silver buckling?

(The green ink in the ears is tattoo ink. Each registered kid is tattooed with the breeders registered tattoo number in the Right Ear.  Mine is SHTA.  The left ear is tattooed with the alphabet letter that corresponds to the year the kid was born.  This year we are using the letter “A”.  So in the left ear my kids were tattooed in the order they were born, A1, A2, A3, and A4.  The tattoos MUST be readable by the judge if you show your goat.  If the judge cannot read the tattoo, any wins will be forfeited.  This happened to me one year with a doe who I tattooed.  Since then I’ve been very, very, careful with  my tattoos. )

three alpine dairy goat kids
The three GREEN EARED MONSTERS strike again! Hide your computers folks, these girls aint got no mercy!

Don’t you all love my important sounding tags?

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