Weekly Giveaway Contest

It’s that time of the week again.  Last week’s contest winner of two bars of handcrafted goats milk soap is Sharon Ramey!  The soaps Sharon will receive are Coconut Lime Verbena and AppleJack and Peel.

This weeks contest winner has to answer a question.  To answer that question, please respond in the comments box for this post. Only comments made on this post count, so make sure to post it here.

This weeks question is:

How long is the normal gestation for a dairy goat, AND, how many months does a farmer normally milk a dairy goat during the year?

I will post the proper answer next Monday…but I’m sure many of you know the answer to this one.  Next week I’ll try and post a much more difficult question.

Oh, this weeks giveaway prize is two bars of handcrafted goats milk soap, Sex on the Beach, and Cleopatra’s Treasure.  Please do include your email in your entry so I can get back to you.  No need to send me your address now, I’ll get that privately if you win.  Meantime, if you don’t win, and still want soap, visit my ArtFire Shop In fact, visit my shop anyway and send your suggestions.


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Giveaway Contest

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  1. The normal gestation for a dairy goat is around 5 months, roughly 145-150 days. Their normal lactation period on a dairy farm is around 10 months.

    I’m going to post this on my blog … perhaps it will get you some more hits Anita 🙂


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  3. This weeks contest winner is Danielle of Corn Bread and Chickens! This will be the last week of contests for a few weeks. The weekly contest is on hold while we move our farm. The contests will start back up around the beginning of March.
    This weeks questions were:
    1) How long is the normal gestation for a dairy goat? The answer is approx. 150 days, which is nearly 5 months.
    2) How many months does a farmer normally milk her goats? The answer is 10 months. Each doe is given a dry-off period for the last two months of her gestation so she can use the calories she is ingesting to grow healthy babies.


  4. Yippee! 🙂 I think you’re coming out next Wednesday to trim, so you can bring the soap then if you like. We should have a chevre culture here for you by then (since we still owe you one!). I’ll rave about the soap for you. 😉 Although I don’t know how much good it does for you? Someday it will pay off.

    Also I wanted to see if you could look at Jacqsonne’s hooves when you’re here. They were long when we got her, and we’ve trimmed them some but we’re not sure how to proceed to try and get them back to normal. You’ll know what I mean when you see them.


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