Hot Heads!

I know you all are just dying to see what newly disbudded little goat heads look like, so I thought I’d show you!

All three of the little girls were done yesterday and are doing great!  The iron (held in place for about 15 seconds) destroys both the horn bud AND the nerves in that area, so not only do the goats not grow horns, they also do not have any pain in that area once it is done.  Sometimes bucks, especially Swiss breeds like Alpines and Saanens tend to grow a little curly “scur” out of the base that they usually knock off during regular play fighting, or sometimes a wire saw or pair of nippers will have to be used to trim the scur to keep it from growing back into his head or eye.   Does and wethers rarely grow scurs….lucky for me!  I only have to deal with one buck and we do have to trim his scurs once a year.

See, if you stick around awhile you will know all sorts of things about goats that you never even wondered.

goat disbudding
Hot head #1
dairy goat disbuddding
Hot Head #2
goat kid disbudding
Hot Head #3
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