2010 Weblog Awards

I didn’t even know these existed until last night.

I was reading my favorite blog, The Pioneer Woman, and she included a link her post yesterday to the 2010 weblog awards.  She’d been nominated, (and deservedly so) for a couple of awards in a couple of categories.

The bloggies is a neat site to visit. It contains the top blogs of 2009.  There are categories for humor, best writing, italian blogs, asian blogs, sports and alternative lifestyle blogs, etc.

I didn’t see a category for farm blogs.  But, Ree got nominated, so I guess people are reading farm blogs.

Or maybe it’s just ranch blogs.  She does have a lot of heavy equipment.  And then there is the food.  Lots of food on her site.

If you make it over to the bloggies site, be forwarned that not all of the blogs listed, although they are considered the best of the best, are necessarily something all of us would want to read.

Many contain curse words.  My blog will never purposely contain curse words.  Of course I say them accidently, but fortunately here I have an edit button, I can unwrite it.  I can’t unsay a word, but maybe that’s why I’ve always liked writing.  I get the opportunity to look at what I just wrote and trash it if necessary.

Anyway, check out the 2010 weblog awards site.

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