Winter Strikes Again

The snow filled up our rain gauge.  Twice.  So I guess we got at least ten inches so far.

And it’s not supposed to stop till midnight.

It’s supposed to get down to 11 degrees tonight, which sounds pretty cold, but they say it’s 13 right now.

Won’t be much different I guess.

The animals are all inside, or at least most of the way inside. I can see Amira's butt sticking out. Their funny like that. As long as their heads are not getting wet, they forget about the rest of their body parts. The goats of course, do not come out in rain or snow. Never. We even dug them a foot path. Forget it.
"snow in virgina"
This is the boys hut. They have have hay inside in a feeder and a small cooler of water that doesn't freeze. I put extra hay on the wooden floor for warmth. They are very comfortable today.
snow covered tree in virginia
We can't see any farther than this tree. It's going to be a looonnnngg day.

Luckily CG got a bunch of movies, since we don’t have a TV at this house.  We have a kerosene heater and plenty of fuel to last until tomorrow if we lose power.  We have food, fresh eggs and plenty of off-flavored goats milk. (still okay in coffee, but not yet for drinking)

Mikey, who freshened last week with quads, and who has always had great tasting milk, is suddenly giving milk with an off flavor.  I did a CMT (california mastitis test), and that came up negative, so I’m going to take a milk sample by the lab on Tuesday for a culture.   They will  do a more comprehensive mastitis test and  check the somatic cell count.   I’ve had this happen with a couple of other does, right after freshening, and their milk did turn sweet after a few weeks.

The snow is really starting to blow.  So far no ice.  But it really is a mess out there.

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