Snow Babies

alpine dairy goat kid in the snow
This is "I Dream Of Jeanie" She's the wildest, craziest, bounciest kid.
"Alpine Dairy Goat Doe"
This is Mikey. After just kidding quads and now already milking 12 pounds per day, she's using all her calories to make milk instead of body fat, and she's just too skinny to run around without a coat when the weather is so cold. The bright green band is a polar fleece horse leg wrap. It helps keep the coat in place. The coat came with leg straps, but if I used them they would rub her udder.
"Alpine Dairy Goat Does in the Virginia Snow"
The black goat is Maylee. Behind her is Jetaime, the chamoisee, and then Miley with the white face. This is the path we dug for them so they could come up to the fence. The goats spent the morning outside the fence with us, where we had dug multiple paths. They chewed on our cars while we shoveled snow. They also tried to help melt the snow by peeing on it frequently. It helped a little.
"horse walking in the snow wearing his rhino horse  rug"
This is Caritas. He has been able to go completely barefoot since it's snowed! This is so exciting! He's comfortable with all the extra cushioning and I don't have to worry about snow getting down into his boots.
"Arabian Gelding in the Virginia Snow"
This is Lyrik. He's the boss of everybody. He rules fairly most of the time. The other horses adore him. Caritas goes nuts if I try and put them in seperate paddocks. Those two have to stay together. Which is okay because they both need lots and lots of hay. Everybody else is too fat and need their hay limited. So it works out well.
"Horse lying in the snow in Va"
This is Caritas lying in the snow, with Amira standing guard. They all seemed to enjoy lying in the snow after they ate.
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