Farm Fog

It’s basically the same as city fog, or ocean fog, but it doesn’t have criminals lurking in it, and there is no driving wind to make my ears ache.  All in all, I like it a lot, except for the fact that CG had to drive to work in it.  I don’t like that at all.

Especially after he ran off the road last week on a normal trip home.

On back country roads.

In the dark.

He lost his glasses for a while, but since he was wearing them the other day I realize he found them, although I doubt they will do him a bit of good in all this fog.

I’m trying to remember if his fog lights work.

I don’t think so.

His headlights barely work.

He prefers driving my car at night.  My headlights are really bright and I have working fog lights.  Although I didn’t even know I HAD fog lights until he pointed them out to me.

About a month ago.

And I’ve had the car for five years.

But, my car has a mouse in it, so CG can’t drive it.  I put a trap in it, smeared with butter, since I didn’t have any peanut butter.  It sat there for about a week with no action.

I figure there is about a months worth of crumbs and french fries under the seats and between the cushions.  He’s been in there so far for a couple of weeks. Shouldn’t be much longer before he starves to death.

CG bought me some glue traps and asked me really nicely to please put them in my car.  I can’t do glue traps.  I can, however, do poison.  So he bought me some of that too, but I keep forgetting to put it in the car.

It seems really weird that you’d have to put mouse poison in a car.

Well, how I happened to get a mouse in my car is really very simple.  We’ve been moving, a little at a time.  One day I got a tote of stuff together from out of the shed.  I saw that there was a mouse in the tote,  so decided to take that tote another day, which happened to be the next day, and I forgot about the mouse…until I was driving down the road and heard some scratching around inside the tote and then went around a corner and the thing tipped over.  Well, you can see that it could happen to anyone.  And since I KNOW there is a mouse in the car, it won’t scare me by popping out while I’m driving down the highway.

I hope.

CG KNOWS there is a mouse in the car and is SURE it will jump out and run up his pants leg while he is driving.  I may actually have to pull out the glue traps.  It’s better than one of us crashing when the thing runs up our pants leg while driving down the highway, at night, in the fog, after hitting a deer, and getting a flat tire from running off the road, after which the car rolls backwards and falls off the jack and lands on CG’s glove, which luckily, he was wearing and it was too big, or it would have landed on his finger.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took this morning.

One of our many roosters. This one is the prettiest one in my opionion. He's a cross between a silky, a buff orpington, black australorp, and americana.

"tree in the snow""fog in virginia"

"barn in the fog"
This is Jetaime, and the rest of the herd is standing behind her in the barn and you can't really see them.
"foggy morning"
Some more fog
"chickens in the fog"
These are some of the chickens, out on the road. Don't know why they are out there, so I guess I could ask "why did the chicken cross the road?", but I wouldn't have a single answer.
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