Snowpocalypse Strikes!

I’m sorry I have not posted for a few days.  We got hit by a major snow and ice storm (affectionately termed “Snowpocalypse)  and have been incredibly busy making sure the animals are cared for.

We have to put out extra hay and lug hot water to the goats, clear paths, etc.  Everything is 10 times more difficult with this snow to deal with.  The winds picked up too and were blowing ice and snow.  It was terribly cold.  We didn’t lose power until yesterday though and it only stayed off for about 5 hours.

CG took a couple days off work since the roads were impassable anyway, and after he helped me with the animals and shoveling snow, he was on the computer looking for low-waste hay feeders and how to hook up trailers and whatnot.  A person can learn absolutely anything from the internet.  He likes do-it-yourself youtube videos.  Some of those are so funny.  Anyway, I forgot all about my blog.

CG heard on the radio this morning that there are more than 5000 homes without power in the Southside district.  I’m feeling pretty lucky right now.  The power lines, trees, fences, etc. are all covered with a thick coating of ice.  Add the wind to that, and trees are falling down all over the place.

Luckily, none of my pregnant goats kidded in this mess.  We closed up the barn doors on the side of  the prevailing winds and that helped a lot.  We have to put Caritas in with the goats when I close the doors because he still gets pushed around a little, and that could be disastrous in a closed place.  The goats have three stalls available, and don’t use one of them, so were only too happy to let Caritas have it.  I fed all the horses in he barn, they didn’t even go out between hay feedings it was so cold.  They all had blankets on too so I know the miserableness of it was not my imagination.

Today the sun is out with a vengeance.  It’s still only 20 degrees, but it’s a beautiful sight.

We’re supposed to get more wintery weather on Tuesday.

I think we’re going to need a snowmobile to move.

"snow storm hits central virginia
From the front porch. Taken around 6:30 pm on Saterday.
"snowstorm hits central viriginia
Snow and ice and more of the same.
field of grass in the snow
This is the cow pasture across the road.
Jetaime is the only goat you can see here. She always likes to come out and get her picture taken.
mail box
We had just a little sun yesterday afternoon. It lasted about 5 minutes and then was gone.
morning snow
This morning it's all sunshine.
two dogs asleep on the couch
This is Onyx, the labrador, and Reba, the border collie mix. Yesterday they just didn't want to go outside at all. We've been boxing up stuff, and have put boxes all over "their" couch, and there just wasnt' enough room for them to stretch out. Normally, we never see them lying so close together like this. Onyx wasn't liking it at all. Both of them are currently "in the doghouse". I let them come out with me to do chores yesterday morning. Onyx is usually not allowed outside the yard because he tends to run off and get lost. I didn't think they'd run anywhere with all the snow coming down. I was WRONG! I had to walk a mile to find them, following their tracks. Luckily they were not too far away. Onyx would freeze to death in the snow. He's old and rather feeble and apparently has no sense of direction. After that morning mishap, we lost power and so went into town to get dinner. When we got back, Onyx had tore open two bags of trash and scattered them all over the house. GRRRRR.
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4 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse Strikes!

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  1. Jetaime takes after her momma. I left the doe’s stall open to the barn lot yesterday (I had to work) and Jacqsonne stood in the doorway most of the day as far as I could tell!

    We lost power at 7am and it didn’t come back on until 9pm, so I feel your pain.

    Stay warm and dry!


  2. My goats refuse to go out in the cold and snow much at all. My husband says, “They are spoiled.” Perhaps they are.

    Your photos are beautiful. But as it is here, a lot of snow (with ice underneath), I know how difficult it can be on the farm, with extra work included!

    Have a wonderful day!


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