Pee Freezes in this Weather

Before it even hits the ground.   It’s true.  Even polar bears would be asking for a blanket in this weather.

I didn’t sign up for this.

I want my money back.

The chickens are blowing across the pasture.  The horses won’t come out of the barn and when they do, they have a hard time standing up.  Tara just came out to get a drink of water and had to rear to keep from falling over when a gust of wind got her.

Forget it, I’m not going outside.  Well, not until the evening feeding anyway.

I nearly froze this morning.  It took an hour for my face to thaw out.

CG built a fire in the kerosene heater so I could warm up faster and not look so blue.

My ears still ache.

The wind is gusting up to 60 miles per hour.  According to the latest weather report, the  wind chill makes it feel like well below zero.  We had a dry snow last night and it’s blowing that snow around so much it’s hard to see anything at all.

I think the only intelligent thing to do, is to do what Dante’ is doing.

Cat Sleeps in the sun

Or, if you were this little dog, who belongs to my friends, I’ll bet you could find a nice person only too willing to tuck you inside a warm pocket and carry you around all day.

miniature king calvalier spanielI

I washed some clothes this morning, but when CG went outside he found that the dryer vent was frozen shut.  He worked it loose, but I’m sure it’s frozen up again and I can’t bear the thought of stepping outside for even a minute to check it.

And I need dry socks to wear outside tonight.

This is the worst winter I’ve seen here since I’ve lived in Virginia for the last 20 or so years.

I came here on a wagon train in 1989, fresh from the ocean breezes of Oregon and Washington.

I forgot my kite.

I didn’t know I’d have to wear insulated coverall’s…..inside the house.

I guess when your horses grow winter coats that rival that of a grizzly bear, you should stand up and take notice and prepare for the worst.

Well, I’ll try and be more observant next time, and not plan to move the farm during the coldest month of the year with the worst weather we’ve had in at least 20 years.


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