Kids…they sure are cute

Three little girls get their first bucket of grain. I think they like it!
alpine kid
I Dream of Jeanie....with green tatoo dye in her ears and hay hanging off of her face.....but look, she does have a pretty pink collar!

I’m mad at my computer, so I’m not talking to it.

I took a bunch of nice pictures with my BRAN NEW CAMERA that CG got me for my birthday….only thing is, I can’t get the pictures to upload to a file where I can put them on my blog.

Except by accident, like with these two pictures.

So, this is all you get.  All the cute pictures are stuck inside my computer somewhere, and won’t come out.

And the little goat girls posed so cute for me.  They stood on top of their milk bucket, and smiled and did somersaults and handstands and stuck out their tongues.  They were irresistible.

Later I guess.  I hope.  I pray.

I can’t take this incompatibility issue I’m having with my technical gadgets.  Why can’t they all just work like I want them to?

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2 thoughts on “Kids…they sure are cute

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  1. I’m mad at your camera too! 😦

    I love your baby pictures and I’m fond of …. do you call her Jeanie? She’s stinking cute. But then again, they all are.

    So since your camera is withholding photos, can I come visit tomorrow? 😉 Are you moving a bunch of stuff tomorrow?


    1. Hi Danielle, I didn’t get a chance to check my email last night. I will be going up to Beaverdam this morning, delivering milk, trimming a horse and picking up our LGD puppy. We are moving a bunch of stuff this morning, and possibly this evening, but if you call me later tonight, I’ll probably be home…maybe around 6 or so. I usually milk then and should be back from Beaverdam. Our plan is to be all moved and stay in our new house by the weekend! It’s much slower going in all the snow!! Take care, Anita


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