Fluff Ball

Meet the newest member of the family.  This is our new Great Pyreneese puppy.  He doesn’t have a name yet, so we’re looking for suggestions.

He wasn’t too excited about staying in the dog crate last night, but he did it.  He only woke me up once at 4am.  He was hungry, thirsty and had to use the bathroom, which he DID NOT do in the crate.  He’s a little small to go out with the goats yet, so he gets to be my  companion for a couple of weeks.   Well, except at night.  He has to sleep in the crate at night.

Hopefully, he’ll learn to tolerate it.


2 thoughts on “Fluff Ball

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  1. cute. Just don’t name him something cheesy, like “Fluffy”. Great Pyreneese are very regal dogs.

    How about something like Hannibal? or Peter the Great Pyreneese? (I’m not serious about Peter.


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