Although I feel lost without my computer, I am still here, alive and doing well.  I do not have internet service.  I may never again have internet service.  I cannot even get DIALUP for Pete’s sake. 

I’m really upset about the whole thing, but that’s what happens when a company monopolizes a service, such as the phone/internet service in my area, and then cannot deliver as promised. 

I feel used and lied to.  We were promised high speed internet by the ONLY company in my area to offer either phone or DSL.  That company is known as Century Link, formerly EMBARK. 

I happily left my satellite and all my equipment at my old rental house for the next person to take advantage of. No more limited bandwidth, downloading, etc.  No extra charges, unlimited youtube videos for home-improvement ideas….I was so happy. 

We had Century Link workers come out to our home before we moved in and hook up everything we needed for DSL.  They told us we were good to go, and everything should work just fine.

We didn’t try it right away as we were so busy.  After we moved in I decided to hook it up and get online. 


A technician was scheduled to come out on Monday.  Someone needed to be at the house all day long. At 5pm they called and told us the high speed they promised was not available and would not be available for who knows how long.  We could get the basic dial up service for an extra $10 a month though. 

But, we’d need our home phone line.  Not a problem.  Only thing is, our home phone is no good to us as every number we call outside of our immediate town is long distance.  We can’t even get AOL!

So, here I am at the library.  Sulking.  And almost out of my alloted 30 minutes of computer time. 

So, I wish you all a happy day, and hopefully we’ll get a miracle and high speed internet will be available to us very soon.  Or at least dial up.  I sure would hate to  have to use that though.  

Poor me.


2 thoughts on “I’m NOT LOST!

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  1. I am responsible for CenturyLink Operations in Virginia. I would like to talk to you regarding your concerns and customer experience. If you could provide a number for me to contact you, I would appreciate it.


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