Kidding Update

The day after we moved into our new home, Miley kidded with a huge buck kid and a tiny doe.  The buck kid is black and has a white face and nose and some white splashes on his legs.  His name is Jesse James and he is the cutest thing ever.  The little doe was only about 4 pounds and her brother would not quit stomping on her, so she is currently a housegoat and possibly my companion for summer farmers markets. (Miley’s kids have always been my favorites..they are soooooo unique).

Maylee kidded the following Thursday with a single buck kid and NO milk.  It’s starting to come in now, but very slowly.  She’s giving about 2 cups a day…

Jetaime is due today and her ligs have dropped and she’s been building an udder all day.  Could be any time now. 

I built an outdoor kid play yard today and the older kids are able to be outside now.  Their house needs a little work but they are having the grandest time running and jumping and eating grass. 

Well, the librarian just told me my time is up. 

Over and out!


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  1. Congrats on all the new kids! Sounds like you are having quite the adventure. Sorry to hear about the phone issues. I figured that you must have been in the middle of moving. Hope things get better!


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