We’ve Got Milk!

But, we still don’t have internet!  Shhh, it’s possible, but not definate, that we will have internet tomarrow.  (I’m not holding my breath on that one.)

I was at the library, updating my website with our new kids, (sorry, no pictures) and figuring up milk averages for the girls.  We had quads and triplets born this year, so of course, the does will milk more after delivering high multiples, and it’s a good thing to, because we are going through 7-8 gallons of milk PER DAY feeding 11 kids!  I think I need a cow!

Here are the current averages of each of our does: 

Michael: Just shy of 2 gallons per day! Six weeks fresh (3 year old second freshner)

Alicia:  Just shy of 2 gallons per day at about 4 weeks fresh (7 year old multiple freshner)

Miley:  About 10 pounds per day at about 2 weeks fresh (2 year old second freshner)

Maylee: About 1/2 gallon per day and increasing daily at about 2 weeks fresh (2 year old fat first freshner)

Jetaime: Almost 2 gallons per day at less than a week fresh!  (2 year old second freshner)  This doe is the star of my show.  She milked 11-12 pounds a day last year as a First Freshner.  I can’t wait to see what she does this year.  Her udder looks stupendous…even after a slight case of mastitis at the end of her lactation early this winter and a resulting uneven udder.  You would never know it now and she makes more milk every day!

So, what do heavy-producing dairy goats eat?  A LOT!  Each doe averages 5 pounds of grain per day…they get free access to a grain/whole grain mix including corn, pelleted dairy ration, barely, oats, sunflower seeds, etc.  Full buckets of alfalfa pellets at all times.  Orchard grass or other non-fescue hay, and pasture/browse, minerals/salt and LOTS of clean water. 

My goal has always been to keep weight on the girls for shows and appraisals…but it never happens.  The more they eat, the more they milk.  They do not put weight over their ribs or backsides while in heavy lactation. Their coats should be shiny and sleek though, even though the girls look like concentration camp victims…well, only one of them looks that thin. 

I wish I’d lost weight that easily after my babies were born.  Of course, I wasn’t producing enough calories to sustain 3 or 4 full grown humans either. 

Whole goats milk has about 150 calories per cup.  There are 4 cups in a quart which equals about 600 calories per quart, times that by 4 for a gallon and that equals 2400 calories….times that by two gallons for the heavy milkers and you get a production of about 4800 food calories per day!

And that doesn’t include the calories it costs the doe to make the milk and walk around and scream and holler about this and that.  (yes, they are VERY high maintainance animals). 

Anyway, just thought I’d share my milk tales with you….my library time is over of course. 

Hopefully, we’ll be back online soon.


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