I’ve got the same cruddy service with Hugesnet, but at least I have internet.  It only cost me $380 to get the dish moved, install it on a new pole at the new house, and run about 100 feet of unburied cable.  (We’re burying it ourselves to save money).  To break my contract would have cost me $400 dollars and I wouldn’t have had internet.  So, I saved $20 bucks and still have the same old service, but at least I have service so I’m grateful for that.

We also had our new refrigerator delivered this morning while the satellite installer was here.  It’s one of those fancy side-by-sides with the lighted ice maker in the door.  Right now it’s fairly empty so I have room to put my quick cooling solution for my milk in the freezer to get it cooled down much faster.  I’m really excited about that.  (Wouldn’t anyone be?)

It was a lovely, rainy, muddy morning.  But, refrigeration and high speed internet are certainly worth it.


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