Things are starting to settle down….finally.

After a few whirlwind, stressful, cold, snowy, bleak, winter months, things are finally starting to come back into line around here.  We got all the animals moved and even though I’ve had the electric fence off for two days now (I have to disconnect it every time I go in and out a gate, and have gotten oh-so-tired of that, so left it off), none of the animals, not even the pesky wether, Finland, have escaped.

We’re back online, have refrigeration AND a freezer, the weather is starting to warm up, all the baby goats were born healthy and are growing like weeds, the does are milking like crazy and even though we had rain all day yesterday, and there is now mud everywhere and I have a ton of cleaning up to do, I feel much less stress and anxiety.

The baby goat house, which was just reinforced before the rains hit, stayed dry and cozy during all the rain, so we did not have to move the babies back into the garage…thank goodness as I had taken down their temporary fenced-off area.

We did have to move the three youngest babies into the house in a large dog crate for the duration of the rain because they were afraid of going into the goat house with the bigger kids.  I had a small house out there for them, but with all the goats jumping on it, I was afraid it would collapse and kill one of them.  But, all the babies are back outside today and running around and around and around.

My goal today is to get some pictures of them…I especially need a picture of Jessie James.  He is the most adorable goat ever born with the biggest eyes and softest fur, ever. Really.

I think I mentioned that in another post.

But, I just love him.  I can’t help it.  I just want to pick him up and squeeze him and kiss him all the time.  I usually am not that into the bucks.  After all, I really can’t get attached to them because we don’t want too much inbreeding around here., so they all get sold, eventually. (I did keep Jessie’s brother Kat Man Doo until after he bred Jetaime…he was another really special buck kid).  Well, sometimes, as in Jessie’s case, inbreeding….well, it’s actually called “line breeding” in this case because it worked so well,  is a good thing.  That’s how we breeders  got all our best  blood lines  and milking lines.

Anyway, Jessie’s for sale for a million dollars if anyone wants to buy him.  I promise a picture later.  Honest.  He comes with a free friend, Elton John.

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