Goat Kid Pictures, Finally.

This is our buck, Atticus, who is the daddy and grandaddy to all our kids. This picture was taken when he was just a young un. Can't miss most of his kids. This is where they get those cute white faces from!

I know I promised them awhile back and really, I had good intentions.  My new camera was my stumbling block though….or rather, the program that came with it and made uploading pictures a nightmare.  However, I had a brief moment of enlightenment this  morning and got an idea to change memory cards between my old and new camera.

Well, I have no idea why that would make a difference, but with the new camera and the old memory card, it’s as easy as it was and just the same as before.  I’m not going to waste time wondering why, I’ll save that for later.  Anyway, here are the pictures I just took today.  All of the bucks are for sale, so if you know anyone who needs a really nice buck out of heavy-producing lines, send them my link!

baby goats
The little black with white face is my cutie pie "Jessie James". The big girl to the left is "I Dream of Jeanie." To the left of Jeanie is one of Alicia's bucks, "Sweet Home Alabama".
Black Girl is Holly Berry, then Jeanie in the middle, and finally, our tiny kid, Ciara
kids at the tree
These are two of Alicia's buck kids, the one with the side splash is Sweet Home Alabama, and the kid in the rear is Athens of Atticus.
Jessie James, poking his head through the fence. To his right is Jeanie.
To the left is Alicia's Aristotle, our only kid with wattles this year. To the right is his brother, Sweet Home Alabama.
This is Elton John and yes, he does has slightly curly, wavy hair.
The black doe is Holly Berry is almost two months old. Little Elton John is just over 2 weeks here.
Left to right. Alabama, Athens, and Elton.
Left to right, Jessie James, Aristotle, Tabitha, and Alabama

As I was uploading these photos, I realize I forgot Jetaime’s two kids.  They were asleep in the goat house.  Well, I’ll get them next time.  They are really, really pretty.  Kat Man Doo is their daddy, and he and Jetaime made my two best kids…in my opinion anyway.  And believe me, I’m no expert.

We’re keeping Holly Berry, little Ciara, and Jetaime’s doe, Jada. I hope to get few of the girls out to a show or two this year if all goes as planned.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Have a great day!

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