Our very own, personal……LANDFILL???????

Not something everyone wants in their backyard and we didn’t even know we had one.

But we do.

It’s very disheartening, considering all the trash we have near the house and all the work we have to do on the house it’s self.

It all seems quite impossible.

Although nothing is ever impossible.

We walked the property before we bought it, but somehow the realtor dude managed to steer us around this particular part of the property.  We didn’t see it until yesterday when we were out in the woods cutting up deadfall for firewood.

Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done about it?  Doesn’t somebody have to pay for the clean up, (I mean besides us of course).

What kind of a person would make a garbage dump out of their own land? Especially when dumping at a regular site is still free?

Anyway, be depressed with me, will ya?

trash pile number #1
Yep, this is all ours now. Our very own. Aren't we lucky?
Malchai and some nice trash leading up to our landfill.
Finland decided he was going to go walking with Onyx, Malachai and I. He's a great trail goat...only thing is, he was only on the walk because he escaped from the pasture. But, it was nice having him along.
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One thought on “Our very own, personal……LANDFILL???????

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  1. I would sue the realtor dude in small claims court for the cost of cleanup. Get an estimate and file your suit! Don’t even bother to talk to him about it. Just file your suit.


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