Gearing up for Spring

Spring is definitely in the air around here!  I actually have to get out and cut grass today.

Although I broke my riding lawnmower.

I think.

It smoked like crazy when I started it up the other day.  A friend told me it probably had a squirrel nest in the motor.  I don’t know, I couldn’t see a squirrel nest.  Smelled more like burning oil to me.  Miraculously it actually started up after sitting all winter.  The battery was still alive.  Probably because CG covered the thing and didn’t let it get wet like I usually do.

He’s a lot better at taking care of things than I am.  I would have  just let it set out in the snow and then buy a new battery come spring.

Luckily I don’t have to buy a new battery, but can spend the money on something more useful instead.  Like feed for the animals.  Or shampoo to get all of the baby goat slobber out of my hair.

I’m so happy today I could sing, and in fact, have taken it up this morning.

My two male goats decided they no longer wanted to be part of the horse herd, and so have been getting out of the fence to get in with the girls and eat yummy stuff not available in their pasture.  They got sick of eating hay.

I don’t blame them. But since I am the boss of everything non-human around here, I say they have to stay in the horse pasture…and if they do I will bring them delectable things like pine trees and cedar limbs.  They wouldn’t listen.

So…to keep them from harassing my does and out of traffic, I had to tie them to trees.  I became very depressed and overwhelmed.  I didn’t know what the heck to do.

Luckily a friend took pity on me and came and helped me with my fence and we got it tightened and added more strands of wire to it and now my boys are begrudgingly trapped in the horse pasture.  Well, Atticus is with his beloved mare, Amira, so he’s not too unhappy.  His scurs had her tail hairs wrapped around them this morning, so I knew he probably spent the night sleeping with her tail wrapped around his head.  He just loves playing in her tail.  He wears it over his shoulders and hanging down over his face.

Just about all the time.

I like her tail too.  It’s long and silver and beautiful when I wash it.  Unfortunately, it now smells like buck goat and is full of red mud.

I put cedar boughs in with the boys too last night.  And they didn’t eat them.  They are out eating hay with the horses.

I don’t want to hear how deprived of spring forage they are anymore!  They lied!  They just wanted to make me go crazy.

It just about worked.

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