Bugs, proof positive that spring is here!

Summer is on it’s way, the air is warm, the sun is high, the birds are singing, the animals and me are soaking it up….but then come the buzzings, and the chirpings, and the legs crawling…and the mouthparts biting, the stingers stinging.

I have exactly 23 wasps flying around in my favorite upstairs bedroom at this very moment.  I know there are 23 because I counted them.  Well, now there are 22.  We have a hole in the wall downstairs where we did some rewiring, and a wasp just fell out.  He must of been upstairs and got lost.

On the floor upstairs are approximately 30 dead wasps.   I didn’t even bother with counting  the dead ladybugs.  I’d say 500.

Me and my can of bug spray have been very busy.   This is an old house and there are  lots of holes in the walls around the windows, in the OSB “drywall”, etc.  Plenty of places for them to live, but I’ve yet to see any evidence of a nest inside the house.

I’m guessing they must have been hibernating in the tiny spaces all winter.  I saw two queens, and having killed those, I had high hopes that they would at least quit breeding and that we would have no more problems once I killed about a million or so of them last week.   So I hung up a nice lace curtain….only to have it get in the way of my bug spray and vaccum cleaner when they came back again.

I’ve had no less than 6 ticks attach themselves to me so far, and that’s been in just the last 2 weeks.  What’s that nonsense about cold weather KILLING all these bugs?  I’ve heard it a thousand times.  But I don’t believe it anymore.  Apparently, you can freeze a wasp and a tick and it won’t die.  Try that with a tomato or a nice juicy watermelon.

I plan to try a wasp freezing experiment in my freezer later today.  Yes, the upstairs of the house was fully frozen  the better part of the winter, at least until the last week of Feb. when we finally got moved in and kept the fire going.  There was no heat in the house before that.  They all seem healthier than ever and really happy to finally come out of the walls.

And still, we sleep with ladybugs every night.


They stink when you vacuum them up, but I don’t care.  I keep lavender and orange essential oils in the water pot on the woodstove.

That helps a little.

I need some help here.

Does anyone know of an elixir I can mix up in a bucket, put in my bedroom upstairs, and effectively drown all the wasps currently inhabiting the place I am using as my SOAP ROOM!  My lovely, barn shaped little soap loft is totally invaded and I’m scared to go back up there except to squirt another shot of bug-be-gone into the room while hiding behind the door, and then running down the stairs, trying not to trip over the loose steps.

This WILL NOT become the “Best Little Bug House in Virginia.”

Oh, heck, where are my sticky fly traps????????????  Seeing some of those beastly bugs stuck to that paper will at least make me feel a little bit better.

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3 thoughts on “Bugs, proof positive that spring is here!

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  1. Don’t kill the lady bugs!!!!! They are beneficial bugs!. Get some wasp ‘traps’ you should be able to find them at hardware stores or Walmart in the garden section.


  2. From my book: Tie a slice of lemon, fresh fish or meat to a stick, and suspend it over a 5 gallon bucket (blue attracts them best) partially filled with water and a squirt of dish soap. Workers flock to the bait, gorge themselves, and plunk! hit the water too full to float. The soap prevents them from treading water. Keep out of reach of the dogs, and away from people.
    Queens can be caught in a shallow pan half-filled with sugar water and a drop of dish soap. The sweet lure attracts the hungry queens into the water, and the soap makes it almost impossible to escape (use blue or yellow pan if possible)


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