Last week we had the most beautiful weather.  It brought out bugs of all sorts, and my upstairs bedrooms sprouted hundreds of over-wintered wasps.  I wanted to kill them holistically, but they were just too much for me, and I caved and bought bug bombs.  I set them off today upstairs and hope they do the job.  A person can only live with just so many wasps in the house.

Saturday was chick day at my  favorite tack shop in Lynchburg, Western Ways, and I bought a dozen chicks.  I got some rhode island reds, a couple of comets and some americanas (they lay green eggs).  Right now they are in the living room with a heat lamp, but very soon they will be moved outside to a brooder where they can have heat, but still pick up bugs and plant life.

Right now though, we are still dealing with rain.  And lots of it!  Last night it was absolutely pouring down rain and the baby goat house, with a tarp on the top, STAPLED on, (apparently you should not staple a roof tarp), was leaking like crazy so we had to stop the leaks by putting horse blankets and black plastic over the top.  To hold the waterproof blankets and plastic down we put tires and tree branches on top of them.  Once the leaking stopped the wet bedding had to be pulled out and dry hay put back in.

I don’t think I’ve even gotten that wet in the shower!  The ground is saturated and the rain had no where to go and so made huge puddles and small lakes everywhere.  Today of course we are plagued with the aftermath of mud, mud and more mud.  The good thing about all the mud is…..well, right at this moment I can’t think of anything, but we did have a warm day and it was dry until this afternoon.  It started to rain just as I was finishing up shots, wormings and cocci prevention/treatment on the goat kids.  I ran out of needles, and the remaining needles were upstairs, in the rooms I was fogging, so I still have 4 shots left to do.  And, I cannot find my hoof nippers for the goats, so I have kids that are 8 weeks old and have not yet had their hooves trimmed!

I’m pretty weird about feet.  I can’t stand looking at hooves that need trimming…I know, I probably need some kind of therapy, but at least it’s better than not caring about untrimmed feet I guess.  Now, my own feet?  I’ve forgotten what they look like!

Well, it’s almost 7pm and for me that means time to milk.  I wish I could milk at 4am and 4pm, but I just can’t bring myself to get out of bed that early.  Maybe one of these days, when I’m a little older, I’ll be able to get up with the chickens at 3am or whatever time it is I hear them start to crow.

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  1. I’m so jealous!! I wanted to get some chicks from Western Ways but HB said no. And rightfully so, because we really don’t have a place for a brooder. And HB’s mom already hates that she saw a pile of bird poop in the barn aisle. We might driver her crazy if we brought home more chickens. It doesn’t really bother me …. but whatever.

    Glad to hear you’re staying dry!! See you Friday!


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