Seed planting time!

Yes, it is seed planting time again…unfortunately, I just ordered my seeds today and so will not get them planted until next week.

I’m just growing tomatoes this year for the market.  I’m just concentrating on the one thing so as not to confuse myself. They are the heirloom type from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I got a variety of reds, purples, white, yellow, striped, pink, and orange.  I chose the various types based on their shape, color and lack of cracking.  Some of the bigger ones do tend to have a lot of cracks and splits and a lot of the ugly factor.  I even got one with fur called Furry Yellow Hog!  As could be expected when ordering late, some of the ones I wanted, like the Green Pineapple and Dad’s Yellow Sunset were sold out.  They still have quite a few left though if you’ve thought about ordering. I did forget to order my gourds.  I grew some fantastic bird house gourds last year with seeds from Baker Creek.  They take forever to dry, and now mine are dry, but they need sanding and finishing and will be made into birdhouses and whatnots.

I still have to dig my garden.

Luckily, I have lots of goat poop to use as fertilizer.  I have horse poop too but that has to compost yet.

But first I need to gather it up in a wheelbarrow and put it in a pile.

Just as soon as I can get out into the pasture with the tools I need without getting mauled by my wether.  Whose idea was it to put the male goats out with the horses?  Well, it must have been mine, but it really is a pain getting in and out of the gate without them wanting to run out too.

Horses are so easy to fence and just give them a little pile of hay and you can leave the gate wide open and go in and out all day, or as long as the hay lasts.  Of course, that really doesn’t work with the pony either.  He’s always up to no good and loves to get out and then not let me catch him.

The wasps upstairs are mostly dead.  I did find one still alive this morning.  We didn’t air out the rooms as specified on the can, hoping for some residual killing.  I can’t really find any extra dead ones, besides the ones I had killed with flying bug spray.  They were still lying on the floor as I was afraid to run the vacuum and wake the rest of them up.

But right now I have to clean out the goat shelter.  After all the rain we got it really is a mess.  Luckily the goats don’t get locked inside so they can at least go outside for fresh air, and today is so beautiful that is exactly what they are doing.  The cedar trees back there make wonderfully cool shade.  We didn’t have that at the old farm. No shade trees at all, unless the animals wanted to walk way off down the hill to the creek.  They rarely ever did that.  The barn was never as cool as shady trees can be.  The new barn is going to be built so that the trees already there can shade at least some of it.  Ahhhh, that will be so nice.

Enjoy your day!

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