Everybody Loves Shade

Great Pyreneese Puppy
Malachai's long hair is a definate gonner fairly soon. Too many ticks and fleas can hide in it, it gets matted, and he'll be just plain miserable when it's 100 degrees.
clothes drying in the spring air
Our clothes really love shade. They dry softer in it. We're really roughing it here now. No clothes dryer hookup! The good part is that our electric bill was 1/5 of what it was at my last house.
Alpine Dairy Goat
This is Miley chewing on a cedar bough I threw in the pasture for the goats.
Alpine Dairy Goat Doe
Alicia, eating in the shade.
Chickens will die in the sun. They are not too smart. Luckily, these ones are at least smart enough to get out of the sun often enough to keep from getting overheated.
Baby Alpine Goat Kids
Baby goats in the shade. The one lying down in the shade is Elton John.
Alpine Dairy Goat Doe
This is Jetaime. The water trough has to be filled twice a day now. They don't empty it, but it gets low enough that they can't reach the bottom to get the water. We are going to have to get a couple more troughs. We don't have the luxury of a pond at this farm. Which is fine, because I don't have to worry about anyone drowing in it!
Black Labrador
This is Onyx. Since he's black he doesn't show up well in most pictures. Here he is anyway, panting like crazy.
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