Another beautiful day!

It’s beautiful so far anyway…still nice and cool.  The weatherman says we’re supposed to get up to 93 degrees today.

Yesterday, driving through Farmville, the bank thermometer read 93 degrees.  It didn’t feel too bad, really.  Especially when I think about all the snow we were plauged with all winter.

When even a short walk outside mean hat, coat, socks, mittens, then traipsing through mud, snow and ice.  Feeding animals who were used to being on at least a little grassy pasture…now all of a sudden dependant on humans for every morsel of  food.  It was a daunting task and I do not envy those people who live in the North and endure that type of thing every day.

Now we have bugs however…and I don’t especially like bugs.  True, I can get away from bugs (somewhat) by going inside the house.  The horses and goats, however, are doomed to be plagued with every kind of annoying insect there is.  Flies are getting bad, but the mosquitos are worse.  They love biting udders and inside of goat legs where there is not much hair.  They bite the horses on the stomaches and in the udder/sheath area and there is not much a horse can do about it.  Ticks are bad too.

Luckily, I discovered a product a few years ago that at least discourages ticks.  And I bought plenty of it…only thing is, I can’t find any of it.  It’s called Freedom 45 and there are six to a pack for about $25 bucks.  Tractor supply usually carries them, and I normally get by with about a pack and a half for the whole summer.

Freedom 45 spot on for horses

The great thing about this stuff is that although the package says to use one tube per horse, applied every two weeks….it is NOT necessary to do this.  Too much  poison!  It works just as well when I apply one tube to the WHOLE  HERD.  That’s one tube total..divided up.  You put it on all the normal places, heels, backs of legs, poll, neck, top of butt, etc.  It works great!  Another thing is that I can use it on the dogs for ticks AND fleas.  Again, using only a portion of the stuff. In fact, several times I used just one tube on 6 horses, two dogs, and a CAT!  No ticks or fleas on any of them!

It’s probably poisonous to cats, but since my cats all seem to have more than 9 lives, it hasn’t harmed them yet.

Anyway, I have lots of planting and mowing to do today, plus a few of my own horses hooves to trim.

Enjoy the summer!


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