No Worms or Coccidia!

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat, show clip, in milk
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Isn’t that exciting?

Well, I’m excited.  After packing poop samples to Lynchburg twice, I’m glad I finally got my sample tested!

Anyway, the last two fecal checks showed no worms or coccidia.  Not that I fecal often, just a few times a year.  A microscope is on my list of “must have’s”.  But, they are expensive…although less expensive in the long run than taking samples of poo to the lab.  And easier to do it here at home too.

Especially when I have to put samples in the fridge overnight.  Sometimes I do forget about them.

Not a good thing.

I worm with ivermectin, and have used cydectin too, but not yet this year.  Also, kids get a 5 day  round of corid every 20 days to break the life cycle of the cocci.   Cocci treatment (actually, it is prevention here, as in treatment is what the goat farmer does AFTER cocci are present in high enough numbers to cause scouring, weight loss, etc.)   is  always fun, but it’s not too bad when they are still drinking milk from a bottle or a nipple bucket.

For the nipple bucket I measure it out, dump  it in, and then hope everyone gets their alloted amount.  It’s worked so far.  Better than not doing anything anyway.  And I’m really great at not doing anything!

I did get everyone’s feet trimmed finally.  That’s a monthly thing that got drug out to 2 months this time, and with all this new spring grass, we had feet from hell.

Forgot to take a picture.  Even the older babies had long feet!  Heck, even my toenails are long!

Got Caritas back on a 2 week trim cycle.  Good gracious his feet look good..  Course, he’s kind of skinny-looking and has some rain rot I’ve been working on, but hey, his feet look pretty darn good!  And he’s much more comfortable in them too!  I took pictures just to post here but I didn’t have a memory card in the camera, which was okay, but unfortunately I cannot find the cord that goes from camera to computer, so have no way to get the pictures onto the computer.

I keep forgetting to get my card out of CG’s car.  I just wish for once I could remember at least one thing!  Well, I did remember to pay the electric bill and our phone, maybe there is hope for me after all!

Anyway, that’s all I could think of to blog about today.  Worms and coccidia.  Exciting stuff!!!  Then again, I’ve got a goat out in the road.  That’s even MORE exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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