Cutting Grass

Here we go again…it’s spring and the grass is growing like crazy!  The ticks like it long, so I try to keep it short!  Looking out the window though, I think it’s got a head of me.

A bit.

Like about 6-8 inches worth.

I’ve been trying to use Caritas as a lawnmower, and he does try really hard, but I can’t get him to graze the yard in 12×12 square patches.

I’ve tried explaining to him the value of grazing down the grass in 12 inch sections before moving onto the next 12 inch section.  I got the idea from the book “Square Foot Gardening”.

Only I changed the concept to “Square Foot Grazing.”

Hasn’t gone over well yet.

And I’ve roped off big sections of really tall grass…and somehow his head just goes right under that rope and before I know it, he’s on my front porch, wondering what all the excitement is about.

So, I show him another section of the book while he’s standing on the porch with me,  but after assuring himself that he’s got me calmed down enough, he continues his haphazard grazing…a bite here, a bite there….

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to mow.

I have noticed an awful lot of boaters going past the house though lately.  Apparently there is a boat dock right down the road…we drove down that way once, but when we got on the road to the ramp and discovered it was gravel I made CG turn around because I had a bad tire.  So, we didn’t get to see what was actually down there.  Probably something a lot more fun than cutting grass.

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