Snake and Nail Poem

I stepped on a nail

while chasing a snake

who was eating my eggs

that were to go in my cake.

He was long and black

and really quite fat.

He’d swollowed four eggs

at least it looked like that.

He had a mate

and they had a date

to wine and dine

on this farmers eggs.

Well, it was interesting to watch

so I stared and I stared

he didn’t like it

not one little bit

so he rattled his tail

and then ran away.

I chased him to see

which way he had gone

when I took a bad step

and a nail I was upon.

It was long and rusty

and very crusty

and it made me bleed

but not very much.

So I packed up my sock

and my stinky old boot.

Tied up the dog

and put my lawnmower horse away.

I ran to the Doc

to get me a shot

they gave me one alright

and cleaned up my foot.

They stuck a bandaid on

that promptly fell off

as soon as I put on my boot

that was a hoot.

So I paid them money

and then went next door

to the druggery store

to buy some medicine

they thought I needed.

Well, they must have thought

I was made out of money

but they were wrong,

I’m just made of honey.

Who sets prices for drugs?

The guy on the street?

Am I paying for someone’s pool and golf course?

My poor foot is sore,

but at least I won’t die

from a nail in my foot

and a snake on the run.

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