Just Saying Hi

We had a very busy weekend…don’t have time to write much right now.

We’ve been working on organizing the yard.  Well, that’s been my project for a while now.  CG was off yesterday and helped me do a few things and we got a lot done.

We’re using the chickens as trash digger-uppers, and they are doing a marvelous job.  We can walk across the yard now and not have to bend over 15 times to pick up little bits of hair curlers, screws, nails, papers, wood, garbage, etc.

We moved a pile of wood to an indoor area, out of sight.  We got the old bikes and lawn chairs that I’m going to paint put inside the garage and we took off another load of trash we got off the property.  (A never ending task I’m thinking.)

The wood pile was a biggy.  There were nails in the wood and after I stepped on a nail the other day and had to go get a tetnus shot, I realized just how dangerous those boards were with nails sticking up everywhere.  At least they were piled up and we could see them…most of the time.  Anyway, they are no longer taking up yard space.

CG took down a really old satellite arm off of one of our cedar trees.  It had wires attached to it to.  We moved some tin and rocks and were able to mow and weed eat that area which looks so much nicer now.

CG actually took the weekend off to work on the bathroom.  We didn’t get much of that done.  It was just so beautiful outside.  He’s always at work during the day, in a hurry in the morning, tired in the evening and at those times the animals are always hollering as those are feeding and milking  times.

After the animals are cared for, they lay around all day…very quiet.  He was surprised at how peaceful it was during day.  We have soooo many beautiful trees.  We feel like we live in a park.  Almost the entire yard is shaded.  But not the dark shade like you’d have living deep in a forest, but a lighter, sun-filtering, shade.  Hard to explain but it’s nice after living in a trailer for the last couple of years out in the middle of nothing, the closest tree over a 100 feet away.  I am really appreciating all these trees. And the fact that they’ll drop loads of spikey chesnuts and walnuts all over the place isn’t even bothering me right now.

And the pastures have plenty of shade too.  Even more important.

Yep, the house needs tons of work, but we sure like where we’re at.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

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